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What Is a CARFAX History Report?

When you want to find a quality used car, you can utilize a CARFAX Vehicle History Report. This document provides a lot of information on the vehicle you are interested in purchasing. If you live in or near Fremont, San Francisco, or Oakland and you are looking for a used Subaru, you can go to Premier Subaru of Fremont and check out our used inventory.

Premier provides a CARFAX Report on all used vehicles, providing they are newer than 1980. CARFAX uses data from over 100,000 sources to keep you informed of what you are purchasing in a used Subaru. Here is some information on what you will find in your CARFAX Vehicle History Report from Premiere Subaru of Fremont.

Value-Based on History

A typical CARFAX Vehicle History Report provides estimated value based on the history of the vehicle. Most websites will give you an estimated value based on the mileage and the relative condition of the vehicle, but CARFAX provides more. A CARFAX Report considers value based on historical data such as: number of previous owners, past accidents, open recalls, title concerns, and service records.

Overview of the Vehicle

This portion of the CARFAX Report outlines the basics. Some highlights include powertrain, body style, Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, trim level, model name, make, and model year. This section informs you of the number of owners for the vehicle, if it was used for a rental, commercial purposes or personal use, mileage, and if it has had any reported damage. The report may also include dealership information, and whether the vehicle is up for sale. It can also include ratings and reviews from customers.

History of Ownership

This is where the data gets more detailed. Individual information is reported like when each owner purchased the vehicle, length of their ownership, registration location, approximate mileage added on the vehicle annually and the type of use, commercial or personal.

History of Titleship

Owner-by-owner information is also provided here. This section includes information like if the vehicle has had fire or flood history, or damage aside from these that can cause a title defect. It is here that CARFAX also reports the accuracy of the odometer information.

Additional History

Accidents and damage are reported in this section, including airbag deployment, structural damage and whether the vehicle was ever reported as a total loss. You will find out if the vehicle remains under any warranties, or if there is an open manufacturer recall that needs to be fixed.

Detailed History

Finally, this section reports the overall chronological timeline listing key events. The list may include information such as the first pre-delivery inspection at a new-car dealership, purchases, accidents, service visits and subsequent sales. The history of loans (sometimes called liens), safety test results, and emissions are also included. If the vehicle has had an accident and damage was reported, it will be listed in this section. The Detailed History Report may include the extent of damage using a Damage Severity Scale-which includes a graphic illustrating where the damage had been on the vehicle and damage severity.

When you purchase a used vehicle from Premier Subaru of Fremont, you'll have more peace of mind because we provide a CARFAX Vehicle History Report with every used vehicle we sell. So come on by and explore our inventory of used Subaru models.