Bad Credit financing on auto loans in Fremont, CA

Bad Credit Financing with The Credit Restart Program

Take advantage of the great deals on Subaru vehicles at our dealership by speaking with one of our finance representatives. We want to help you make the financing process as easy as possible so you can take home one of our many outstanding Subarus. We have all the latest Subaru vehicles available including the newest Outback loaded with exciting features and the newest ascent with room for the entire family. At Premier Subaru of Fremont, we are here to help residents of Oakland, San Jose, Union City, and the surrounding regions drive away with a quality Subaru regardless of their financial status. Find out more about how our dealership can help you acquire great financing terms.

Flexible Financing Options

Premier Subaru of Fremont offers a ton of options when it comes to bad credit financing. We understand that your financial situation may be less than ideal and aim to find financing options that fit your lifestyle best, and want to help you qualify for the vehicle of your choice. After you have submitted your financial information, our team works closely with you regarding the circumstances of your credit report. Life circumstances often change, and you still may be eligible for financing even if one or more of the following has occurred:

  • Divorce or bankruptcy
  • Repossessions or foreclosures
  • Missing payments
  • Payment delinquency

these factors may not stop you from qualifying for financing. In addition to these or other circumstances, our finance team looks at additional aspects of your financial record which include:

  • Current debt to income ratio
  • Intended borrowing amount
  • Financial history end credit rating

When looking at these factors our finance team can better understand your financial circumstances and help you drive home in One of our many Subaru vehicles.

Subprime Loans

Our dealership offers subprime loans if your credit rating is less than ideal. We have helped many residents from Fremont and the surrounding regions drive home with the car from our dealership with less than perfect credit. Our finance team will work with you in order to put together a subprime loan that can match your current financial limitations. Find out how a subprime loan can work for you based on your credit score, tailored interest rates, and duration of your financing loan.

Easy Approval Process

At Premier Subaru of Fremont, we make the pre-approval process easier than ever, and without ever having to visit the dealership. Using the form available on our website you can submit all of your information by your smart phone or on your computer. When your application is submitted, we will contact you regarding any further necessary information as well as answer any questions regarding financing and the best option to get you driving one of our many Subaru vehicles.

Our dealership not only finds the best financing options for our customers, but we also offer you the maximum value for your trade in vehicle. We factor in your vehicles model year, condition, mileage, history, and more when determining the value of your vehicle. Trade-ins are a great way to lower a vehicle's down payment. Find out the value of your trade in easily via our online form.