Auto financing in Fremont, CA

Finance Department

Premier Subaru Fremont is essential to your next step in taking home your brand new or used Subaru. We offer great deals on all of our vehicles, with an amazing finance team that can help you drive off the lot faster in the best Subaru for your lifestyle. At our dealership, our finance team works with you in order to find the best rates on either sales or leases alongside a rotating series of specials on new and used inventory. Residents in the Fremont region Including Oakland , Hayward , Union City, Milpitas, and surrounding regions can take advantage of our great deals and helpful team to get you on your next adventure.

A Helpful Finance Team

At Premier Subaru of Fremont our goal is to make our inventory accessible to everyone. We offer all types of finance options that covers good credit, bad credit, and even first-time buyers. Our finance team can help guide you through the entire process in order to secure a loan or lease options that best fits your lifestyle and situation. We offer competitive rates on new and preowned Subaru vehicles. You can contact us today to see how we can get you behind the wheel of the all new Crosstrek or Outback.

Premier Subaru of Fremont understands that many of our customers have busy schedules, and we aim to make the process easy. Now, getting approved for financing is easier with our online finance application. Simply go to our website and input all the necessary information in order to get pre-approved for a loan. Our application can even add in a co-buyer. Once submitted, a customer service representative will contact you regarding any additional information or questions about your application. You can also apply for financing inside of our dealership, potentially driving home with a new or used Subaru.

Buying or Leasing Your Subaru

When considering a new car, you can look at different options to best suit your needs. These include buying or leasing, which are both great options available to you at Premier Subaru of Fremont. depending on your situation, you may be better suited to either buying or leasing a vehicle.

Purchasing a new or preowned vehicle includes:

  • No mileage limits
  • No charges based on vehicle condition
  • Freedom to sell or trade in at your leisure
  • Maintain ownership for long periods of time

Leasing a vehicle often entails:

  • Lower monthly payments with a lower upfront cost
  • Warranty protection through leasing contract
  • Trade in to drive newest car models

The Most Trade-In Value

Premier Subaru of Fremont also has options for you to trade in your vehicle. Our dealership offers the guaranteed trade in program from Subaru in order to give you the highest possible value for your training vehicle Perrin this program is available beginning after the first year of Subaru ownership and covers up to 8 years from the vehicles warranty start date. When looking at trading in your vehicle as an option, you can go to our website to find out your car's value through Kelley Blue Book, which can help us determine the value of your car based on condition and current market demand.