Subaru Engineering

Subaru Engineering

The elegant design and modern style of Subaru models is the icing on the cake. The real value is what lies underneath: the engine, transmission, steering, suspension and all-wheel drive. It's the engineering that gives Subaru the solid reputation and longevity it enjoys.

All-Wheel Drive

Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive is a system that is designed to provide optimal traction as well as balance between the two sides for maximum control and performance. The system is placed along the center of the vehicle to achieve this balance and keeps the power going to all the wheels. Because it is balanced, you get a better connection with the road and a more responsive drive even in rain, snow and rugged terrain.

Subaru Engine

Feel the power of the SUBARU BOXER engine, which is able to combine efficiency with power for an unforgettable driving experience. Each BOXER engine is tailored to the vehicle to meet the performance standards. All of the engines are built from the same design which focuses on simplicity and efficiency.

These engines are designed with a flat profile with a lower center of gravity for a quicker response. Because the engine is inline with the drivetrain, you get a maximum transfer of power and improved efficiency.


No matter which transmission you choose, Subaru ensures optimal performance and a responsive ride. With the manual transmission, you have more control over the journey. Select either the five- or six-speed manual for smooth shifting and breathtaking acceleration. Another option is the continuously variable transmission, which reduces fuel consumption while maximizing performance. Some versions have six- or eight-speed manual modes to give you that feeling of power you enjoy.

For the best of both worlds, you can get the automatic transmission with manual shift mode. This six-speed automatic includes wheel-mounted paddle shifters for more control when you need it.

Steering and Suspension

Subaru steering and suspension systems give you control and balance for a smoother ride and more confident handling. With the four-wheel independent suspension system, you'll barely feel the road while the double wishbone rear suspension takes on bumps without impacting the comfort and stability of the vehicle.

Raised suspensions can be found on certain Subaru models, such as the Outback and Crosstrek to provide the extra ground clearance you need to go over rocks, gravel and more. You will find these models come with an additional 8.7 inches of clearance.

Thanks to a rigid unibody, Subaru models have a solid base to help the suspension offer a quiet and responsive driving experience. Driving assistance comes with vehicle dynamics control and active torque vectoring to ensure you stay on the road. X-MODE is another available feature that maximizes your traction in slippery road conditions for a firmer grip.

If you want to know more about these and other components of Subaru models, you can talk to the staff at Premier Subaru of Fremont. Stop in and see the latest models with a test drive that shows you what exceptional components and engineering can do