How Subaru is helping after Wildfires

Subaru Love Promise - Reforesting after California Wildfires

Subaru of America works tirelessly to contribute to causes worldwide in order to ensure a better, safer, and more fruitful future. These endeavors span many different issues that are prominent in today's society. Subaru has pioneered several partnerships with healthcare institutions including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Special Olympics. They have also partnered with Feeding America and Meals on Wheels to help fight hunger, as well as the American Red Cross to help with disaster response. The work doesn't stop there for Subaru, as they also have a vested interest in the environment as seen through their global Subaru Forester Re-Foresting Project. In 2020, a record number of wildfires burned through a massive amount of California's landscape, and the response from Subaru and their Reforesting Project was massive, and is also ongoing.

Premier Subaru of Fremont was located around many of the wildfires that occurred throughout the year of 2020 in the surrounding regions. Closest to Premiere Subaru of Fremont was the Sheridan wildfire, which burned over 100 Acres of land. Also close by was the Hollow Fire, which devastated over 250 acres of land, and even moreso the nearby SCU Lightning Complex which burned almost 400,000 acres of land in one of California's largest wildfires to date. The entire region was highly impacted, including nearby cities such as San Jose, San Francisco, Newark, Hayward, and the entire Bay area. Being so close to the nearby wildfires impacted our dealership a great deal. Smoke-filled skies and terrible air quality made for substantially challenging days, but nothing in comparison to the acres burned and homes lost for many California residents.

Subaru of America has gone above and beyond in their commitment to helping the California landscape. With millions of acres burned throughout the state, the Subaru Forester Re-Foresting project has made a massive commitment, hoping to re-plant over 500,000 trees in areas that were impacted by the extended duration of the California Wildfires. Subaru not only plans to aid in restoring the environment, but also help people who were highly affected and the animals that were displaced during these disasters. Subaru is committing resources to partner with the National Forest Foundation to plant 125,000 trees per year for the next three years through 2023, and further demonstrate the brand's commitment to environmental aid.

Subaru's devotion to the environment doesn't begin and end with the California wildfires. Through years of initiative, community partnerships, and innovative development, they've already contributed greatly to help combat waste and pollution. Subaru has partnered with organizations such as Leave No Trace, Klean Kanteen, and the National Park Foundation to generate awareness of excessive waste and even created a zero-landfill initiative to reduce landfill waste. In addition to several other partnerships and projects, Subaru remains committed to helping the environment, beginning in its own manufacturing plants and spreading throughout the United States and beyond.

Premier Subaru of Fremont is proud to represent the Subaru brand in the region, serving surrounding cities including San Francisco, San Jose, Union City, Milpitas, and more. Our dealership is grateful for the extensive environmental support from Subaru, and look forward to seeing a better, greener landscape throughout our Northern California home.