Does Subaru have AWD?

Subaru All-Wheel Drive

One of Subaru's defining features is a sweeping application of symmetrical all-wheel drive on nearly every model it releases. This is not a new determination by the brand, but rather a continuation in a long line of all-wheel drive vehicles it has released throughout their years of production. The benefits to all-wheel drive are endless in your Subaru, and when it comes to choosing between a two-wheel drive vehicle or an all-wheel drive Subaru, its an easy choice. Find out how a Subaru helps you get the most out of your vehicle by having the best balance with all four wheels working together.

What is all-wheel drive, and how does it add to the value of a vehicle? All-wheel drive occurs when torque is sent two all four wheels instead of just the front or rear tires. The overall benefits are easily presented when facing wet or otherwise slippery roads, and can prevent swaying or fishtailing when accelerating. From rest, accelerating is a much easier experience with all-wheel drive vs. front or rear wheel drive vehicles. All wheel drive vehicles are an excellent choice not only people who live in areas that often face consistent inclement weather conditions for a majority of the year, but for everyone.

Subaru brings its symmetrical all-wheel drive systems to most of its models, which has helped them perpetuate their image great vehicles for universal utility. The Subaru all-wheel drive system helps with maximum amount of traction from the outset, rather than a two-wheel drive vehicle's "slip then grip" capability. In slippery conditions, Subaru vehicles give you a quicker response to power and acceleration as well as outstanding stability while maintaining their overall efficiency.

The Subaru symmetrical all-wheel drive is different than other AWD systems. The engine is mounted in-line with the vehicle's drive train, which maximizes the power transferred to all four wheels. Many other AWD systems require additional components to transfer the same amount of power, which can add up to costly maintenance and other expenses.

With this AWD system that comes standard in nearly every Subaru, you're in good hands in even the roughest driving conditions. The symmetrical all-wheel drive system givers you maximum traction and smooth acceleration with power being sent to all four wheels. They system can even prevent your tires from slipping while the vehicle accelerates from a resting state. Slip-monitoring engages your AWD system to send more power to the wheels that are getting best traction, and continue to actively switch should conditions change. The AWD system gives you maximum control in comparison to front or rear-wheel drive vehicles, which can often result in over or understeering on tight turns or even broad curves along the road.

The Subaru systems all work together to keep you safe, comfortable, all while operating at the maximum efficiency. The symmetrical all-wheel drive integrates with such systems as the Subaru electronic brake-force distribution system and vehicle dynamics control to maximize your driving experience. Find safety even on the roads less traveled while you're behind the wheel of a Subaru.