Subaru Weather Prep

How safe are Subaru Vehicles? 

Subaru Weather Preparation and Capability

Subaru has spent a lifetime building a brand of strong, reliable vehicles that can carry you in any situation. Among its many models, drivers often utilize their Subaru for outdoor adventures in the mountains, along those forest trails, along beaches and cross-country, and Subaru is there for it all in the best ways. Subaru has equipped their vehicles with standard all-wheel drive, as well as safety systems that can help ease the stress of the road less traveled. Additionally, Subaru walks you through prepping your vehicle for weather extremes across multiple regions. Subaru looks to their Crosstreks, Outbacks, Foresters, and Ascents to help you traverse the road less-traveled. Find your next Subaru at Premier Subaru of Fremont!

Benefits of Subaru's AWD

Many of Subaru's vehicles are equipped standard with Symmetrical All Wheel Drive Systems, which can help you drive easier under nearly any circumstance. The vehicle combines its symmetrical all wheel drive with its existing safety suite and additional features that can help you maintain ultimate control while driving.

  • Maximum Grip - The Subaru Symmetrical All Wheel Drive sends power to all four wheels at the same time to give you maximum power while acceleration, and maintains the maximum amount of traction on the road. In wet or icy conditions power is sent to whichever wheels have the best traction, and adjust as necessary as conditions change.
  • Save with Subaru Systems - Symmetrical All Wheel Drive takes away the need for additional components seen in 4x4 or other AWD systems, which can help save repair and maintenance costs. The engine is mounted in line with the drive train which assists in an easy power transfer among the wheels.

Symmetrical AWD is the ultimate choice for drivers who are looking for a little bit more, as it helps maintain the best traction on the roadways. Front and rear wheel drive systems often over or understeer, and Subaru's AWD gives you maximum control while driving. The AWD system from Subaru combines with your Subaru's already existing safety features such as electronic brake-force distribution and vehicle dynamics control.

All-Weather Prep

Taking your Subaru out for a spin? Make sure to make preparations for nearly any weather condition, making note of any destination involving extreme hot or cold conditions. In nearly all conditions, test your battery, check your tire depth, test your fluid levels, and your brake pads and components. Additional considerations for hot/cold weather include:

Hot Weather- Hot weather can expose your Subaru and its components to extremely high temperatures. High temperatures may cause extra stress on your vehicle's systems, commonly your air conditioning systems, electrical systems, and even can decrease your battery's functionality. Take these precautions when adventuring into warmer weather.

  • Check your battery, as increased temperatures decrease battery performance
  • Inspect heating/air conditioning systems
  • Check coolant levels

Cold Weather - Cold weather often brings on unpredictable weather patterns, including increased rain and snow. Conditions are often wet or slippery due to precipitation, and freezing temperatures can cause increasingly icy roads. Prepare your Subaru for cold weather extremes:

  • Purchase Winter Tires if necessary
  • Check wiper blades and exterior lights
  • Check heating and defrosting systems
  • Ensure that wiper fluid can withstand freezing temperatures