How does Subaru keep you safe?

Subaru Safety Features

Subaru is hailed across the globe as having some of the safest cars on the road today. Not even just their modern lineup, but rather decades of some of the most structurally sound vehicles that help protect you, your family, and your cargo. From the classic Forester made in the 1990's to the sleek new 2021 Outback loaded with exciting features, each Subaru was made with love and care. With the consumer in mind, Subaru has earned themselves notoriety among drivers everywhere. Find out how Subaru has developed state-of-the-art vehicles, and how they can keep you safer than ever before.

Subaru's revolutionary safety suite, Subaru EyeSight®, has added a second set of eyes for you while driving your Subaru. The technology behind EyeSight® is found within as many as four cameras placed around the vehicle. A rear backup camera helps you see 180 degrees behind you, and rear cross traffic alerts tell you when it detects movement behind you while in reverse. With their adaptive cruise control, you can preset your preferred distance between you and the car in front of you, and let your Subaru accelerate and brake as necessary. Lane departure alerts and lane keeping assists help you stay on a straight path, and pre-collision braking can either prevent collisions or at least mitigate the damage. Subaru EyeSight® has proven to reduce the rate of rear-end crashes with injuries by up to 85%.

Another more recent feature from Subaru that is helping drivers is the Subaru DriverFocus® Distraction Mitigation system. DriverFocus® pairs with the already existing EyeSight® system found in many recent Subaru vehicles, and its primary function is designed to help keep your eyes on the road. When the system detects that a driver's eyes not facing forward, an alert shows up on your MID screen along with an auditory alert that prompts you to focus your attention. Subaru is excited about this new technology which is the first of its kind, and uses it to help keep its vehicles even safer.

Subaru introduces one of its more convenient safety options, which is security straight from your smartphone and more using Subaru StarLink®. StarLink® enables you to use the My Subaru app which allows for such features as remote start, automatic collision notifications, a vehicle locator, and stolen vehicle recovery. Subaru StarLink® operates straight from your vehicle as well, where you can send out an SOS in case of emergency at the touch of a button. In any collision involving an airbag deployment, StarLink® automatically calls first responders for you so you're never alone during an accident.

Safety isn't just limited to the available technology, but in the structure and integrity of the vehicle itself. A unique ring-shaped reinforcement frame is present in many Subaru models, along with a rollover sensor, and a low placed engine which helps further protect the passenger side of the vehicle. Many modern Subaru vehicles also include traction and stability control and anti-lock braking systems. Don't forget about the Subaru symmetrical all-wheel drive when thinking about your next adventure.