Oil Change in Fremont, CA

Oil Changes at Premier Subaru of Fremont

There is hardly a feeling that compares to driving your brand-new Subaru off the lot at Premier Subaru of Fremont. The fresh smells, the smooth engine, and all the joys of driving a new Ascent or a sporty Impreza for the very first time are yours to experience. There's no limit to what your Subaru can do, but after those first few thousand miles behind the wheel, your vehicle is bound to experience standard wear and tear. As with any vehicle, new, used, decades-old or fresh from the production line, regular maintenance is essential in keeping your vehicle functioning in its best shape. Regular maintenance for nearly all vehicles starts with an oil change, which keeps your Subaru's engine fresh, working optimally, keeping you safe, and helping your vehicle's other systems perform and their maximum potential.

When Should I Get My Oil Changed?

Generally, modern vehicles require oil changes once every 3000-5000 miles, but you can best take care of your Subaru vehicle by following the maintenance guidelines from the manufacturer. One of the most basic and important aspects of preventative maintenance is getting an oil change. Oil changes are one of the most common maintenance aspects of vehicles for nearly any mechanic and are most often a quick and easy process. Keep your Subaru Outback running longer or enjoy a smooth ride in the Subaru WRX when you change the oil regularly.

Are Oil Changes Important?

Keeping up with regular oil changes is important for the overall health of your vehicle. Over time, the oil in your vehicle will get dirty with road dust and debris. It won't lubricate the engine and other components as well as it should. The oil may become thick and not move smoothly through the system. If you wait too long between oil changes, the result is a thick sludge moving through your engine causing reduced performance and an engine that must work harder to do its job. Oil changes can help keep your engine clean and reduce the amount of debris found within your engine's components, and fuel and air filter changes can keep everything functioning with great circulation. If you put off oil changes for extended periods or mileage travel, you can cause a complete engine failure within your vehicle, caused by overheating, blown gaskets, or components seizing up entirely.

Your newest Subaru is an amazing investment, as these vehicles are known for their amazing longevity and overall durability. Changing the oil in your Subaru Ascent or Subaru Crosstrek as directed is a simple preventative measure that will help the engine run smoother. It can improve efficiency and reduce wear and tear on the surrounding components. It is even cost-effective to keep up with your oil changes, as failing to change the oil as needed you can end up needing to replace the engine or other parts earlier than normal. Regular oil changes can also help your vehicle maintain proper fuel efficiency, which will save you trips to the gas station as your oil begins to degrade.

Why Choose Premier Subaru of Fremont

At Premier Subaru of Fremont, getting an oil change is quick and easy. Our expertly trained staff within our service department will have you in and out in no time. We offer an outstanding range of hours of operation, so you can take time on your lunch break, before or after work, or whenever it's convenient for you. We understand that life can easily get in the way and oil changes can often go overlooked, which is why we offer an Express Service at our dealership. Our express services are fast, easy, and require no appointment. Get an oil change, tire rotation, inspection, and minor maintenance quickly.

Visiting us can help keep you informed about your Subaru. We help you stay up to date with your vehicle with our multi-point inspection form that indicates the overall condition of your battery, brakes, fluids, tires, and so much more. We use the correct type of oil that's recommended for your Subaru model and the correct filter to ensure your vehicle continues to have optimal performance. Don't neglect one of the most basic parts of maintaining your Subaru vehicle. Contact Premier Subaru of Fremont to schedule an appointment for an oil change. We also check fluids and do other routine checks to ensure your vehicle is in top shape. If we find anything that needs attention, we will let you know.

Go beyond standard oil changes with our dealership, as we are equipped to handle nearly any fix big or small. From brake replacement, air conditioning and heating, suspension, transmission, our expert staff has you covered. No matter the issue, we aim to keep your Subaru vehicle in great shape. Contact Premier Subaru of Fremont today to schedule an oil change for your vehicle. We proudly serve customers in Fremont, Union City, Newark, San Jose, and surrounding communities with high-quality care to maintain your Subaru.