Suspension Service in Fremont, CA

Suspension Repair in Fremont, CA 

Suspension Service at Premier Subaru of Fremont

Noticing that different vehicles just feel smoother or quieter than others is a telltale sign of the condition of the vehicle's suspension. Like all vehicles, whether it's a massive truck, a powerful SUV, or a zippy sports car all have a suspension of some kind that is helping your vehicle stay safe on the road, as well as keep your drive more comfortable. There are several components of each vehicle's suspension, and each class of vehicle contains a different suspension. Like any other moving part of your vehicle, your suspension is bound to experience wear and tear over time and requires replacement, repair, or retuning. It's important to learn the signs of a worn-out suspension, as well as check up on your suspension with each Service Center visit.   

What is Suspension?

Maintaining your suspension is important in extending the life and quality of your vehicle, but understanding your suspension's components and function can help you identify future problems. Your vehicle's suspension acts as a protective buffer between you and the road. Suspension helps your vehicle absorb impacts from bumpy roads or other conditions, and also increases tire friction to ensure your tires stay in contact with the road. The suspension keeps your cabin quiet and can help minimize bumps or forces from acceleration. The main components of a vehicle's suspension include springs, shocks, anti-sway bar, joints, and rods. There are also several different types of suspension, including independent, dependent, air, rigid, and double wishbone suspension.

Signs Your Suspension Needs Repairs

Tires, brakes, transmission, and many more vehicle components experience wear and tear the more you drive, and suspension is no exception. Luckily, it's relatively easy to tell when it's time for suspension replacement, as changes in your vehicle's handling, as well as visible signs, make problems readily apparent. Visible signs of damaged suspension include your vehicle sitting lower on one corner, uneven tire tread, squeaking, and more. As you drive, you can often tell you may need suspension repairs when your drive feels rough, your car leans as your brake, pulling or drifting as you turn or drive straight. Make sure your tires are correctly inflated, as worn-out tires can cause your suspension to function incorrectly. While some of these issues can be caused by bad tires or brakes, it's important to identify your suspension as a prime cause with a mechanic.

Suspension Repair Services

Before repairing your suspension, it's important to correctly identify and diagnose any issues your vehicle may be having as your suspension is designed to operate correctly alongside other components. Improper vehicle operation, worn-out vehicle parts, and consistent driving on poor road conditions can put more strain on your suspension and lead to faster disrepair. Overall, your suspension faces some of the most mechanical stress of any other vehicle component and is important to identify the correct problems. Suspension repairs, however, are easily and commonly performed. Repairs to your suspension include hub bearing replacement, repairs to shock absorbers, spring replacement, and shock and strut replacement.

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