What is Suabru Eyesight?

Subaru EyeSight® Safety Technology

The revolutionary new safety system for Subaru can now be found in many of its current models. Subaru started utilizing the exciting new technology of vehicles equipped with cameras as early as 2013, and has since evolved into their most modern safety suite yet seen. A series of cameras with a clear view of the front and rear of the vehicle give the driver a second set of eyes while the vehicle is in motion. This revolutionary package has been proven to reduce injuries in a rear-collision accident by 85 percent, and has substantially added to Subaru's already outstanding safety ratings. See how the Subaru EyeSight® system is right for you, and how you can take advantage of its many features.

One of the most advanced and exciting features of Subaru EyeSight® pertains to their cruise control systems. Their adaptive cruise control or the advanced adaptive cruise control system gives you the advantage on the road in even the worst traffic. Using this system and an easily programmable series of buttons right on your steering wheel, you can decide how far you want to be from the vehicle in front of you, and a speed to maintain in order to do so. EyeSight® locks on to the vehicle for you, and accelerates and brakes automatically to maintain your preferred distance at a speed reasonable for your setting. The system operates in tandem with your lane centering assist, which uses EyeSight® to recognize roadlines and help keep your vehicle centered.

The EyeSight® safety package isn't just limited to what is in front of you, but also helps you monitor what's behind you. While Subaru vehicles don't have the blind spots of a large SUV or a massive truck, there is still something to be said about having a full 180-degree view of the world behind you. EyeSight® also works for you while you are in reverse, and detects any motion through the camera. This helps the vehicle send you rear-cross traffic alerts when it senses any movement in the full scope of its camera. Subaru even makes this camera easy to clean at the press of a button, which engages at the same time you activate your rear-windshield wiper fluid.

Subaru EyeSight® comes full with a series of automated alerts and functions that gives its drivers an additional peace of mind while on the road. Blind spot detection activates lights on your rear-view mirrors when the vehicle detects another vehicle within five feet on either side of your Subaru. EyeSight® also can help you predict when accidents are coming using a couple of exciting features. Pre-Collision braking helps stop or substantially slow your vehicle when it detects unexpected or imminent front obstacles. Pre-Collision throttle control will dramatically reduce power to the engine when it recognizes obstacles in front of you that you are likely to hit. Both of these features helped several 2019 and 2020 models become the IIHS safety pick of their respective years.

Subaru drivers everywhere rest easier knowing that EyeSight® has them covered in the event of an emergency and know that the intuitive features make driving an all-new experience.