Benefits of owning a Subaru

Benefits of Ownership at Premier Subaru of Fremont

When you purchase a Subaru, you can enjoy many benefits of ownership. Some benefits change throughout the year, so it's always good to talk to the sales team at Premier Subaru of Fremont to help you get the most out of owning your Subaru.


You can save money on auto insurance as a Subaru owner. If you make the switch to Liberty Mutual, you could save more than $500 plus get accident forgiveness and new car replacement if an accident occurs. You can also save money on pet insurance for your beloved animal friend. You may save as much as 20 percent on ASPCA pet health insurance purchased through Liberty Mutual.


Subaru owners can enjoy a wide range of music, news, and more with a four-month free trial subscription with SiriusXM. Listen online, on the app or at home, which all come with your trial subscription. If you tune in online or through the app, you can listen to more than 300 channels and even watch videos.

Entertainment goes beyond the radio with exclusive invites to special events with other Subaru owners. Find activities that capture your attention with others who have similar interests.

Trade in and Trade Up

Subaru offers a unique program for owners for the first eight years they own a Subaru. The Guaranteed Trade-In Program allows owners to receive a specific value for their vehicle if they choose to trade it in during that time from the original warranty starting date. Some vehicles may be eligible after the first year of ownership.

Subaru also offers the Trade Up Advantage Program that allows you to buy that vehicle you've had your eye on. Get an offer that is personalized for you. Because Subaru models hold their value for the long-term, you can get similar or even lower monthly payments on a new model that has more technology and safety features when you trade up.

Other Purchase Benefits

Subaru of America, Inc, created Subaru Equity Shield for GAP coverage. This policy protects owners from an unplanned loss and offers peace of mind to know their vehicle is paid off if it is involved in an accident.

Be part of the Lease Loyalty Program if you're leasing instead of buying your current Subaru. With this program, Subaru makes the first monthly payment for you, up to $500, on your next lease. Subaru will also pay any disposition fee you owe on your current leased vehicle. You can talk to Premier Subaru of Fremont to find out the details and to learn of customer eligibility requirements.

Other Rewards

Subaru supports our military and shows that appreciation by offering a special discount for both active duty and reserve members of all armed forces and those who are retired. It is also available for the spouse or domestic partner of a qualified military person. This $500 discount is in addition to any other offers you received.

Subaru also supports college students with a discount under the College Graduate Program for leasing and financing. Applicants can apply for leases or a loan under this program through Subaru Motors Finance.

Drivers who have disabilities can request modifications for their Subaru to help them stay active and safe while on the road. Subaru Mobility Assist provides up to $1000 reimbursement for modifications on Subaru models.

If you can't afford new or don't want to spend the money, you also get the advantage of Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles. Each of these have been tested and come with a warranty for added peace of mind.

To show your pride in being a Subaru owner, you can get special badges for your vehicle and gear for you and your family. Stay in the know about Subaru developments and products with the Insider e-newsletter.

Find out more about these benefits of being a Subaru owner when you visit Premier Subaru of Fremont.