About Us

Giving Hope is a nonprofit dedicated to changing lives through love. Our mission is simple: To give glory to God and to promote human dignity. Founded in 2012 by Troy and Tracy Duhon, what began as a small local non-profit has grown into a nationwide foundation.Through the tireless efforts of our staff, volunteers, and corporate partners, we feed, clothe, house, and provide fellowship to those in need, in our community and around the world. 

In the beginning, Giving Hope focused on feeding the hungry throughout the city of New Orleans by partnering with the New Orleans Mission through 'service' days in the city where volunteers went into the community to feed those in need.  The 'feeding frenzy' quickly grew when The Food Pantry of New Orleans was opened in October of 2013 in New Orleans East. 

Hope House

Concurrently the Duhon's were faced with a calling of their own;  through the process of adopting their daughter, Annah, from China in 2013 the Duhon's felt called to begin helping other children like their daughter around the world, this is where Hope House was born. 

Hope House coordinates mission trips on an annual basis to fund and build orphanages around the world. The inaugural trip was held in Hyderabad, India with Honduras following the year after. In the coming year we will be traveling to Africa!

After the adoption of their daughter, with their hearts forever changed, the Duhon's felt called to help other children all over the world by assisting other families throughout their adoption process, and so Hope for a Home was created! With so many families who feel called to adopt but are unable to do so due to financial constraints.  Hope for a Home's mission is to assist these families through the adoption process financially and as an emotional support system.

Giving Hope has long partnered with the New Orleans Mission, we to continue this relationship with the opening of the Giving HOPE Retreat Center.   This partnership will serve the men and women of the New Orleans Mission by providing fellowship and freedom.  The Giving Hope Retreat Center will provide a refuge away from the conditions of homelessness as well as help these citizens rebuild their lives through training for various trade positions. 

Mission Statement

To give glory to God and to promote human dignity, Giving HOPE serves the most vulnerable among us, especially widows and orphans.

We feed the hungry and give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless, visit the sick and imprisoned and ransom the captive.​
Giving Hope helps to meet needs in 5 key areas.:


The food pantry of New Orleans feeds over 700 people daily over half of whom are hungry and vulnerable seniors, and by 2016, Giving Hope is poised to feed over 1,000 people through the Anti-Hunger partnership.


We organize and host clothing drives for the homeless and needy who lack the appropriate attire for an interview or to begin a job.


Giving Hope plans to build of augment, one orphanage per year on a different continent: Hope House India 2014, Hope House Hondoras 2015, and Hope House Africa in 2016. We are also working towards building the Giving Hope retreat, a projected 1,000 - bed homeless rescue, recovery, and re-engagement facility for the homeless.


We offer fellowship to ex-offenders through the Angola prison re-entry program, which provides moral, spiritual, social, educational, and vocational training to offenders who wish to leave prison as better men. Giving Hope also assists in post-formation job placement.


We believe in freedom for all human beings and support anti-trafficking work through creation of safe houses for women and children at risk.