Forester History

Subaru Forester in Fremont, CA 

History of the Subaru Forester

In the grand scope of automotive history, the Subaru Forester is not exactly the oldest vehicle, but throughout its production years the compact crossover SUV has been hailed as one of Subaru's most popular vehicles. The Forester has served as a tried-and-true vehicle serving many purposes, from a family vehicle, to an outdoor adventurer, a long-distance carrier and a sure-fire means to get from one end to the next. The Subaru Forester had beautiful but humble beginnings, and quickly earned itself a stellar reputation as a safe and reliable vehicle with a ton of space. Today, the Subaru Forester is bigger and bolder than ever, and while still maintaining it's traditional platform, it takes on new heights with amazing standard features, outstanding efficiency, and all the love and trust that Subaru is known for. Test drive a Forester at Premier Subaru of Fremont!

Beginning of the Forester

The Subaru Forester began initial production in 1997. The Forester's design was pretty limited at that time, with a boxy-style body, abrasive corners, and a perfectly horizontal hood without a ton of extra flare. The overall aesthetic was decently consistent with the rest of Subaru's lineup, which at the time included the WRX, the Outback, Impreza, and Legacy. The Forester was one of the very first of an emerging class, the ever-popular Crossover. At the time of release the vehicle's similar sized competitors included the Toyota RAV4 and the Suzuki Grand Vitara. The Forester began its legacy with a 2.5L DOHC EJ25D boxer engine, the same as the Outback but featured on the Impreza platform with a much larger overall stance.

Time meanders on for the Forester, with a 2nd generation released in 2002, with an entirely new style, engine, and new class of features. For many, these were the Forester's prime years as a vehicle that could handle a little more rough-and-tumble adventures compared to its predecessor and successors. For this 2nd generation, the 2.5L boxer engine had a turbocharged option, along with additional trims and a luxury edition. The design took a massive upturn as well, with smoothed out edges, a more boisterous profile, and a larger, more comfortable interior. Subaru enthusiasts certainly look upon the 2nd generation Forester as peak Subaru durability.  These vehicles had a larger-than-life safety rating, and along with the rest of Subaru's lineup, became known to last through those higher mileage numbers.

Subaru Forester Today

The most recent line of Foresters represents a fifth generation of production, and over 20 years since the initial reveal, the Forester still remains one of their most popular models. The Forester today is bigger than ever, with seats that have been risen to be further off the ground, even though the vehicle still sits at 8.6 inches of clearance. The Forester possesses top of the line safety from Subaru's own Subaru EyeSight, including a first-ever technology release of driver distraction mitigation alerts. On top of being a star within the Subaru Brand, the Forester acts as a top seller within its class worldwide. Certainly, decades of strong, safe, and well-built vehicles have led to an outstanding legacy which continues to garner favor.