Hybrid/EV Laws and Incentives

Subaru Electric Vehicles in Fremont 

California's Future is Electric

California has made a series of goals and directives that inches the entire state closer and closer to an all-electric future of automobiles. By 2035, California hopes to have phased out sales of vehicles with traditional gasoline engines and aims to have 100% of passenger vehicles selling as either electric or hybrid-powered cars, trucks, and SUVs. While the bar is set extremely high, the State of California is doing everything it can to help support such an initiative. The state has supplied dozens if not hundreds of businesses and organizations with grants, funds, and incentives to help move everyone towards a greener future of driving. 

Benefits of Hybrid/Electric Ownership

Along with a state-sponsored initiative of greener vehicle sales by 2035, the state has also ensured a range of incentives and benefits for consumers when it comes to buying or owning an electric or hybrid car. Many retailers provide zero-emissions vehicles parking spaces, sometimes with charging stations, right upfront to help make your grocery trips or back-to-school shopping that much easier. In areas with high occupancy lanes, many have started allowing access for zero-emission vehicles, even with only a single occupant, and in some cases are even allowing free usage of local toll roads. Find your local DMV to get a Clean Air Vehicle (CAV) sticker to access many of these benefits. There are also financial benefits depending on local, state, and federal regulations that can save you money with tax breaks, rebates, or insurance discounts for owning a zero-emissions vehicle.

Commercial Incentives

The hope of California heading towards all-electric vehicle sales by 2035 applies heavily to commercial enterprises. To help, the state government also has provided benefits and incentives to qualifying businesses. Rebates for businesses are available that gear their fleet towards a zero-emission composition, as well as leasing zero-emission vehicles for employee use. Based on your location, employee number, and other factors, you can benefit greatly at the local, state, and federal levels.

Subaru's Helping Hand

Subaru moves ahead with their production of hybrid and electric vehicles to help California's vision of a future with cleaner air. Already in mass production is the first-ever CrossTrek Hybrid, with the same versatility of even their gas-powered model. In the future, Subaru plans on releasing one of every vehicle in their lineup using an alternative fuel source, as well as the exciting anticipation of the Subaru Solterra, their first all-electric SUV.