Benefits of Owning a Hybrid/EV in California

Owning an Electric Subaru Benefits 

Benefits of Owning a Hybrid/EV Subaru in California

When you think of California, what comes to mind is probably its beautiful weather, beaches, and all the cool places and cities you can visit. There is something else that California is known for, though, and that is its effort to be better to the environment. If you are in this beautiful state, you might not realize how many incentives there are to making the switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle. Here we will go over a few of the reasons to have a fuel-efficient vehicle in California.

Discounts on Insurance

Having a vehicle can be a costly investment, so it is important to save money wherever you can. To save on insurance, you should consider having an eco-friendly vehicle because some insurance providers in California will provide you with discounts. For example, economy car discounts, pay as you drive discounts, alternative fuel discounts, low-mileage discounts, and hybrid auto discounts are all money saving options to take advantage of.

Federal Tax Credit

Federal tax credits are another money-saving opportunity to look into. How much you can save depends on your vehicle's battery and its capacity. The credit can range from $2,500 to $7,500, which makes fuel-efficient vehicles an even more appealing option. Even if you decide that leasing a vehicle is the right choice for you, the tax credit usually goes to the manufacturer, but it is often factored into your lease, therefor lowering the monthly payments.

Access to HOV and HOT Roads

As the saying goes, time is money. You can save on both with your electric or hybrid vehicle after you stop by the DMV to get your vehicle qualified as a Clean Air Vehicle, or CAV. The CAV decal you receive will allow you to be exempt from restrictions in the HOV lanes. Imagine how much time and money you can save by traveling in the High Occupancy Toll, or HOT, roads with no fee. You can even use carpool or diamond lanes while traveling solo. Call or visit your local California DMV to check if you qualify for the green or white Clean Air Vehicle decal.

Free Parking Options

Next time you are at the DMV, make sure you ask about the parking incentives for fuel-efficient vehicles in your city. Especially if you live in or plan to visit Hermosa Beach, San Jose, Santa Monica, and Sacramento, make sure you take advantage of the free parking options in your hybrid or EV.

Rewards for Choosing Environmentally Friendly Transportation

The state of California wants to reward you simply for making a decision that helps cut down on pollution. So, you can receive up to $1,500 when you retire a vehicle that is high polluting.


You can receive savings through rebates from the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, local air districts, and even local electric utilities when you lease or purchase certain electric vehicles.

To learn more about the ways in which you can save in California by choosing a hybrid or EV, visit Premier Subaru of Fremont near San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose.