Alternator Service

Alternator Replacement Service in Fremont, CA 

Alternator Service at Premier Subaru of Fremont

Your vehicle needs a lot of electricity in order to power all of the various systems in you have, whether that be your safety features, your cabin lights, or even a phone charger that you plugged in. In order to generate this power though, you're going to need an alternator that's in good shape.  When you want to check on your alternator near Oakland, Union City, or San Francisco, you're going to want to head to Premier Subaru of Fremont.

When you're driving, practically every part of your cabin is powered by electricity. Most people think that your battery is handling the brunt of this, and while that's true to some extent, it's actually your alternator behind the scenes that's truly doing the hard work. Your battery's job is to hold electricity, while your alternator is responsible for generating more as you drive. Once you get moving, it works with your serpentine belt to change kinetic energy into usable electricity so that you don't have to worry about your cabin lights, windshield wiper, and more suddenly failing you. When your alternator goes out, it can be pretty jarring, as you'll find that most of your vehicle begins to experience issues. Whether it won't start in the first place, or your lights suddenly begin to flicker, you'll find that your model just won't cooperate with you.

What to Look For When Your Alternator is Failing

While it's never a good thing to have your alternator fail, the good news is that it's generally pretty easy to spot. Since your alternator is responsible for so much, you'll hopefully notice plenty of signs before it gives out entirely.

  • Flickering Lights: When your lights suddenly start to flicker, or you notice that your headlights are becoming gradually dimmer, it might be a sign that your alternator has seen better days.
  • Trouble Starting: If your battery seems to die over and over again even though it's in good condition, it might just mean that it's not getting charged as you drive. This can cause trouble starting, which can be inconvenient, to say the least.
  • Your Warning Lights: If you see a battery icon, "ALT" or "GEN," then your car might be trying to warn you that your alternator is failing.
  • The Serpentine Belt: Your alternator needs your serpentine belt to function in the first place, so if you hear squealing noises, or you smell burning rubber, you'll want to make your way to the mechanic immediately.

A Simple Solution to Alternator Problems

While you might be able to still drive with a half-busted alternator, that doesn't mean that it's a good idea. Your vehicle's systems weren't meant to run on low power, so you might find that they fail as you drive, or that your vehicle refuses to start once you turn it off. When you want the issue fixed quickly, you'll want to head to Premier Subaru of Fremont, where our mechanics will be able to examine your system and solve any issues that you might be having. Since they'll be testing everything from your voltage to your wiring, they may also be able to catch other problems that you may have been dealing with unknowingly.

When you need to make sure that your battery is charged and ready, you'll want to schedule an alternator service with Premier Subaru of Fremont.