Aftermarket parts for Subaru

Subaru Aftermarket Parts and Accessories

Your next new Subaru represents your next adventure. At Premier Subaru of Fremont, we have a massive inventory of 2021 Subaru vehicles that can have you conquering the open road in no time. If you're looking for speed, take a look at the Subaru BRZ or WRX. If conquest is your forte, try the Crosstrek or the infinitely popular Subaru Outback, or even go for sheer size with the newest Subaru, the Subaru Ascent.

Buying a new Subaru brings on a ton of opportunity, and none moreso then outfitting it with one of the many available accessories by the Subaru brand. Customize your next adventure with additional Subaru parts, from everything to STI branded valve caps to massive rooftop storage racks. Find out why adding on to your vehicle can make traveling safe and easy without leaving anything behind.

Get the Most out of Your Subaru

There is an entire world of extras made specifically for your Subaru and catered towards your hobbies. Take your time in choosing the best options for you, and with the extensive available catalog for each model you can go from Subaru branded alloy wheels to massive storage for whatever need may arise. With the versatility of our online store, you can:

  • Carry your bikes, paddleboards, kayaks, skis and snowboards with specifically purposed roof-mounted crossbars, carriers, and racks.
  • Add additional trailer hitches to tow your cargo along with you
  • Choose from rooftop cargo baskets or fully enclosed cargo carriers
  • Customize your vehicle with spoilers, wheel flares, bumpers, headlights, and more.
  • Add convenient features such as remote starters, multimedia, audio, and more.

There are hundreds of ways to build and accessorize your Subaru after purchase, and many of our available accessories span many production years and models, so you have a ton of options whether your Subaru is brand-new or well loved.  

Choose Subaru Accessories

Subaru is already a trusted brand that manufactures vehicles that are not only highly capable, but also made to last. Subaru holds its aftermarket accessories to the same standards, and ensure only the best quality of any of its branded components. In order to ensure performance targets and precise specifications are met, Subaru accessories undergo extensive testing regarding:

  • Environment
  • Strength
  • Vibration Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Laboratory Trials

A Unique Addition for your Vehicle

Each aftermarket component has been designed with CAD, or Computer Aided Design. Each piece is designed and tested to fit your specific Subaru. Through each component's specific design, Subaru ensures the best fit and function for your vehicle over any non-Subaru aftermarket accessory.

Trusted Installation

At Premier Subaru of Fremont, we offer an excellent service center that can meet all of your installation needs for your additional Subaru components. While you're here getting your exciting accessories installed, check in for an oil change or a tune up. At our dealership's service center, we use genuine OEM Subaru parts to ensure the absolute best performance of your vehicle. Our factory trained technicians can handle everything from routine maintenance to those complicated repairs.