Outback History

Subaru Outback in Fremont, CA 

History of the Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback has become synonymous with the Subaru brand itself, and is currently a top seller throughout the globe. The Outback brings a lot to the table, and is a popular family vehicle and a top-supporter of those grand adventures. Like many Subaru vehicles, the Outback has grown into a lasting legacy of being durable, long lasting, spacious, comfortable, and a testament to the Subaru promise. The Outback is one of Subaru's oldest models that is still in production, and although the initial release was only in 1994, it helped Subaru build an entire identity that eventually resounded internationally. The Outback has always been known for its high-mileage capability, its high-strength tendencies, and overall versatility that can fit any lifestyle. Test drive an Outback at Premier Subaru of Fremont!

Outback Beginnings

The Subaru Outback has seen a handful of name changes, and originally began in 1994 as the Subaru Legacy Wagon. Since then, both the Legacy and the Outback have found separate but unique identities. The Outback had a few signature features, including a flat roof, a two-toned body rich with plastic bumpers, and wide windows surrounding the entire cabin. The vehicle was marketed as a sport-utility wagon, which was a first for the automotive industry. Subaru was intent on advertising the vehicle as a new approach to outdoor adventures, and even contracted Paul Hogan from Crocodile Dundee to be the face of this new and rugged vehicle.  Intrigued by a new take on the station wagon, over 20,000 Outbacks were sold in its very first generation.

Subaru has always had a knack for keeping their vehicle aesthetics closely aligned among their different vehicle choices, and the subsequent generations were no exception. The third-generation outback possessed many state of the art features at the time, and even raised the vehicle's overall profile on the road and continued to build what many considered to be a golden age for the vehicle. Rife with bumpers and wheel flares, the Outback took on a new modern look, this time with an angular, curved hood, but keeping the signature flat roof. 2005 also was the same year Subaru discontinued the Legacy Wagon, leaving the Outback in a prime spot as their only mid-size crossover vehicle in the North American Market.

Outback Today

Subaru Outbacks today certainly outshine their predecessors, and even give competing vehicles of the same class a run for their money. The latest generation of Outbacks began in 2020, giving first-time Outback buyers or long-time Outback enthusiasts the ultimate thrill in driving a timeless Subaru with all the modern accommodations. The latest Subaru Outbacks feature a bold exterior with a massive front grille compared to earlier models, the signature bumpers have also been enlarged, which gives a new definition to the vehicle's capability. The vehicle's windows have been narrowed down to give it a more modern edge, but the same flat roofline we see year after year still gives the Outback its signature look. Subaru has only built on the features found in an Outback since its birth in 1994, and now features Subaru EyeSight, Subaru StarLink, and the biggest touchscreen in its class, at a massive 11.9 inches.