2022 Outback Wilderness

Subaru Outback Wilderness in Fremont, CA 

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness at Premier Subaru of Fremont

Along with the updated 2022 Outback comes the next great adventure for Subaru with the release of the 2022 Subaru Wilderness. Standing on the shoulders of a twenty-year-old model line, the Wilderness serves to further on Subaru's reputation of building durable and comfortable vehicles that are built to last into even the highest mileage. This brand-new Outback edition is ready to take on new horizons with a ton of new features meant for the outdoors. A restyling of the newest Outback is made to include a ton of exterior features that were developed to protect you and your vehicle as well as challenge even the roughest terrains. The Wilderness also sees a handful of modified features including Subaru Eyesight, X-Mode, and even has an interior designed to accommodate you on your travels. 

New Features for Your Next Journey

The excitement around the newest edition of the Subaru is not without warrant, as the vehicle comes loaded with never-before-seen features tailored to the outdoors. A series of extra clearance bumpers grace both the front and back end with an increased amount of paneling along the sides of the vehicle. The Wilderness sees an increased ground clearance along with standard all-terrain Yokohama Tires, which enables your vehicle max maneuverability over rocks, potholes, or other unexpected occurrences. The roof rails along the top of the vehicle have been upgraded, strengthened, and expanded to handle the largest cargo. The rails can now accommodate a rooftop tent, so you can enjoy the company of your Subaru wherever you go.

An increased ground clearance plus new angles demanded an upgraded safety system, and Subaru has modified the classic Subaru EyeSight Suite to account for all of the body's changes and off-road features. We also see a matte-black panel on the hood to decrease glare and help the overall visibility from the driver's seat.

Under the Hood of the Wilderness

The Wilderness has helped Subaru unleash the sheer power potential of its classic BOXER engine. The Wilderness features a 260-horsepower turbocharged engine, which matches only the Onyx Edition among the 2022 Outback lineup. Subaru returned the drivetrain of the vehicle for slow climbing and is rated to conquer up to a 40% grade at low speeds. Along with new engine capability, the X-Mode driving system has been upgraded and now includes ice, deep snow, mud, and sand in its selection options so you can always direct power where it needs to be.

Same Great Subaru Comfort

The Wilderness features the popular 11.6-inch touchscreen which utilizes Subaru StarLink, giving you easy access to multimedia, emergency services, navigation, and more. Inside the Wilderness, you have the option of a Startex upholstery, which repels liquid and is easier to clean than the standard cloth fabric.

As always, the Outback Wilderness has symmetrical all-wheel drive as well as the same great Subaru EyeSight features such as adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, emergency braking, and more. The Wilderness has 3500 pounds of maximum towing capacity along with the reliability that has become standard with the Subaru Brand.

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